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Institute for Development of Innovations INTENS

an independent non-government think tank that undertakes global research on innovations and their impact on development of the global economy, countries, cities, and conpanies. Institute facilitates realization of perspective innovative projects.


Priorities are innovative projects that accelerate economic growth of Ukraine, mutually beneficial interaction with international partners and sustainable and inclusive development of the world economy.

INTENS Institute is an intellectual and organizational platform for interaction between investors and innovators, scientists, creators of innovative technologies and business for commercialization of innovations and development of high-tech entrepreneurship.

The institute was established in September 2020 in response to the economic crisis provoked by the pandemic and deindustrialization of the economy. We are the group of scientists, innovators, analysts, journalists, financiers and businessmen who understand the urgent need to transform the raw material model of Ukraine's economy to a model of innovative development which will realize huge national intellectual capital and bring the economy on a trajectory of accelerated economic growth.

An  innovative, economically developed and socially stable Ukraine, which can become an innovative IT-hub in the region, would conduce European stability and contribute to innovative economic growth with international partners on mutually beneficial terms.




  • developing innovative ecosystems and industrial clusters in Ukraine as drivers of economic growth and transition to the New Industrialization (Industrialization 4.0);

  • stimulating high-tech entrepreneurship, innovations commercialization and realization of creative national intellectual potential;​

  • promoting  the growth of  national IT-industry as a global brand, high-tech leader and driver of innovative development; integrating industrial technologies and IT, increasing of domestic demand in IT-industry services;


  • simplifying access to financial resources for national companies by improving the NBU monetary policy and providing cheaper lending

  • developing FinTech-industry in Ukraine and on the global scale;

  • developing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and business education, innovative thinking and invention, preservation and dissemination of the best national experience of technical and mathematical education


  • promoting the development of innovative national companies to the level of global brands


  • facilitating the development of Ukraine as an innovative intellectual and IT Hub for  Europe and for the global economy in the long-term perspective


  • implementing international projects for fostering innovations, accelerating economic growth and sustainable inclusive development of the global economy  


Glass Buildings


  • analysis of the global markets of innovations and current trends in high technology, New Industrialization (Industrialization 4.0) and the world's best practices for innovative development; conducting research and preparing analytical reports, books, articles, blogs and video about the most perspective innovations;

  • implementation of international educational and research programs that meet the challenges of the global Fourth Industrial Revolution and the transition to a digital economy;


  • developing strategies and programs for governments, central banks and other financial regulators at the national and global levels to stimulate innovative economic development and accelerate economic growth on the national and global scale;

  • development and assistance in implementing  innovation and investment strategies for cities, the introduction of Smart City and Green City technologies;


  • attracting investments, credit resources and other financial instruments for implementation of innovative projects in Ukraine;


  • cooperation with the IT industry and other stakeholders to digitize the economy and transform Ukraine into the European innovative intellectual and IT Hub, an ecological and comfortable place to live;

  • services for national innovative companies to promote their  growth globally: innovative solutions and Lean-technologies, optimization of business processes, digital marketing and assistance in negotiation processes with international partners;


  • stimulation the development of innovation ecosystems and industrial clusters through training, consulting and involvement of international partners;

  • research on CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency, elaboration platforms and optimal models for central banks to their implementation;


  • developing FinTech-business and interactions between FinTech-industry and banking system;

  • implementation of international and national educational programs for high-tech entrepreneurship, innovative business, stimulating invention and innovative thinking;


  • support startup ecosystems development and attracting financial resources to implement innovative projects



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