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Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a shared vision. It is the ability to direct individual achievements to a common goal. It's a fuel that can deliver extraordinary results

                                                                                                                                                                 E. Karnegy



CEO INTENS Institute

Doctor of Science (Economics), PhD, member of IABE (International Academy of Business and Economics) and The International Atlantic Economic Society in the USA

Dmytro Grydzhuk is a highly qualified professional with a wealth of experience and an extensive expertise in banking, finance, investment and innovative FinTech in particular. He has more than 90 publications including research articles, conference reports, monograph ‘Efficiency in Banking: Postcrisis Challenges and Innovative Management Solutions’.


Being a research leader of INTENS Research Programme ‘FinTech and Banks Relation’, Dmytro is a co-author of the Analytical report ‘FinTech and Central Banks. New Global Reality’, December 2020.


Dmytro Grydzhuk  was awarded a title of Honoured Economist of Ukraine, won ‘The Person of the Year’ award and was twice nominated ‘The Financier of the Year’ in 2004 and 2007.  In 2008, Dmytro became the international Socrates award laureate in the field of economics and business nominated by the Internatio-nal Socrates Committee of Europe Business Assembly in Oxford. In 2010, Dmytro won the prize for personal contribution to European integration of Ukraine awarded by Europe Business Assembly and in 2013, earned the government award in Ukraine.

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Tetiana Unkovska.jpg


Director of Research and Development of the INTENS Institute

Research Associate at the University of Basel, Switzerland

Doctor of Ec. Science, PhD (Mathematical Modelling of Economic Processes)
Tetiana Unkovska is a highly qualified professional in spheres of global finance, macroeconomics, models of economic development of the countries, including models of accelerated innovative growth, the monetary policy of central banks, corporate finance and investment management. Tetiana is the author and co-author of more than 150 publications, including nine monographs, research papers, numerous analytical reports, journal articles and course books; presenter at international conferences.

She leads the INTENS Research Programme Central Bank Digital Currencies and is a co-author of the Analytical report "FinTech and Central Banks. New Global Reality", December 2020.

Tetiana Unkovska worked as a research visitor at Loughborough Unversity, UK and was a chief adviser of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine (from 2007 to 2015). Tatiana is an initiator, lead author and research director of a team of authors of alternative "Strategy for Ukrainian Bank System Development 2016-2020: Synergy of Bank Activities and Industrial Development of Economy", adopted by the Committee of the financial policy of Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) in 2016. She systemically promotes the idea that there is a strong necessity to transform Ukrainian model of the economy from commodity economy to accelerated innovative development and Industrialization 4.0

Dr Unkovska is a lead co-author and scientific editor of the programme "New Economic Direction – Strategy for Innovative Development of Ukraine" developed for a presidential candidate during presidential elections in Ukraine in 2019. She is a lead co-author of the Analytical report "Monetary Power and Overcoming Coronocrisis. How to implement anti-crisis Monetary policy of the National Bank of Ukraine", 2020. 

Tetiana has translated from English into Ukrainian the book "Between Debt and the Devil. Money, Credit and Fixing Global Finance"  by Adair Turner, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority of the UK (2008-2015) and wrote a preface to the publication in Ukraine the translation of the book. 


Director of Strategic Communications and Public Relations at INTENSE Institute


Being a professional expert in communications and media, Artem has a wealth of experience in managing international projects, organizing and operating public relations for leading companies and banks. He is a public activist and media coordinator of many social campaigns: an initiator and leader of National campaign Prisoners of Kremlin in support of Ukrainian political prisoners and prisoners of war (2019); national campaign against smoking carried out under the global initiative of Michael Bloomberg in reducing tobacco consumption  The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (2008-2017); Stop Abusing Women and Support Women Living in Difficult Circumstances organized by Ukrainian representative of the international public organization Health Right (2012-2016); No Excuse to Abuse being implemented by Ukrainian Fund of Public Health, UN Women in Ukraine and Patrol Police of Ukraine aimed at counteracting abuse against women   (2016-2018). Artem is a participant of regional press-centre initiative Reanimation Reform Package set out to explain and promote reforms among regional media (2014-2015); and many other campaigns.


Public Activity: 2016-2018 – co-founder and coordinator of social movement Vkluchaisya (Switch ON); 2010-2014 – activist and coordinator of media movement Stop Censorship; 2006-2008 – activist and co-organizer of social movement Don’t be Indifferent.




Expert in Innovation Development and Internet of Things (IoT)


Doctor of Technical Science, inventor, innovator, author and co-author of more than 150 research works of international level, monographs and articles in the field of innovation development, increasing information efficiency of wireless monitoring networks, smart wireless systems and other research published in Ukraine and abroad. Bohdan is the author of the monograph Methods and algorithms for improving the information efficiency of wireless monitoring networks, 2020.


He has more than ten patents in the field of Internet of Things and remote wireless monitoring of industrial objects and technological processes.

Богдан фото.jfif


Expert in International Relations and Investments


Ph.D. (Economics), holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from Kennedy School of Government. He is a Program Director of Harvard University (USA); a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (London).  

Mr Konoplyov is an Adviser to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine and to the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine.


Director of Harvard Eurasia Security Program 1997-2017, NATO Fellow 2000


Director of EURASIA Foundation in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova 1994-1996, Assistant chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on National Security during 2000-2008. Laureate of state awards of ministries of defence of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

Конопльов Сергій3.jpg


Expert in central banking, monetary policy, development of the banking system


Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine 2000-2003, 2004-2010. The country’s First Rank Official.


Hero of Ukraine (awarded the Order of the State for outstanding personal contribution to founding and development of the banking system of Ukraine, implementing effective monetary policy). Honoured Economist of Ukraine.


Awarded The Orders of Prince Yaroslav the Wise V century (January 1999), IV century. (August 2001), III century. (February 2006). Cavalier of the Command’s Cross with the Star of the Order of St. Stanislaus. He was awarded the Golden St. George's Medal "Honor. Glory. Labour" I century. Order sign "Glory to loyalty to the Motherland" of the 33th century.


PhD in Economics, the author of more than 20 scientific books and articles.

Стельмах Володимир.jpg


Expert in international business, investment and innovations

Ph. D (Economics). Dr Deepak Narwal is an entrepreneur with interests in Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Education and Innovative Environmental Technologies. He is an expert in inter-governmental and cross-country business, specializing in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance aspects. He is an advisor to two major think tanks on different social and economical issues. Dr Narwal is involved in several innovative Environmental initiatives in wind power, waste, water sanitation across India and Africa. As a board member of HP KAPITAL Limited, UK based company, he is fully engaged in building self-sustainable university hospitals in several countries, which are independent of the power grid. These projects address multiple urgent needs in waste management, water sanitation, employment, education, women empowerment and world-class health care. Dr Narwal is an advisor to Wockhardt Foundation in India on collaboration with global organisations to promote innovative and unique products in fighting diseases. He was appointed as member of the European Economic Senate to promote Trade and Culture and was honoured with the prestigious BHARAT GAURAV AWARD in British Parliament in 2018.

Каушаль Нандішвар1.jpg


Expert in invention, innovation and STEM education


Professor, Doctor of Education. Founder of innovative approaches to the development of creative skills; the author of more than 250 research and education publications in Ukraine and abroad including a monograph and coursebooks.

Member of the Dissertation Defence Committee, an editorial board member of research publications and scientific journals. Head of research and education program INTENS Development of creative thinking and invention and production.

Andriy actively promotes and stimulates the development of inventive and innovative skills of young people. He has presented his scientific reports at national and international conferences. Initiator, founder and the chairman of the Jury of Ukrainian open tournament of young inventors and innovators and Ukrainian competition of young researchers and inventors Edisons of the XXI century. Andriy Davydenko is a member of the Jury of Ukrainian Olympiads of Young Physicists and National Stages of the International Competition Intel-Techno Ukraine.


Expert in international business, investments, innovations, banking


Director & Member of the Board HP Kapital Limited, U.K. International Private Banker 

Over two decades in leadership in hospitality and banking industry, as well as in Wealth Management and Private Banking for HNW, Family Offices, Emerging Markets, Expertise in UK Resident Non-Domiciled clients, Next Generation/succession planning.


Oksana has worked with the UK headquartered 

Barclays Bank in its domestic and international departments. Then she gain further experience 

with Swiss private bank, Julius Baer in London.


She is a global ambassador for women empowerment and works closely with several not for profit organisations. She is also Ambassador for Peace with Universal Peace Federation

Торбич Оксана.jpg


Expert in socioeconomic development, monetary policy, central banking, strategic government administration


A corresponding member of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor. Author of more than 450 research works published in Ukraine and abroad including monographs, books, articles, analytical reports. Head of international projects;  leader of the science school of logic and historical research of institutional economics; Andriy Grytsenko was a supervising professor of 20 Doctoral and more than 20 PhD degree graduates .

Head of the Expert and Analytical Center of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine 2001-2008; Head of the Secretariat of Verkhovna Rada Committee in the area of Finance and Banking System, 1995-2000.

Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Economichna Teoria (Theory of Economics). Head of INTENS research program SEIR (Socioeconomics and interdisciplinary research).

A. Grytsenko.jfif


Expert in investment management, construction, real estate, housing and communal services in cities


Professor, Doctor of Economics, Academician of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, Member of the European Real Estate Society (ERES).  

Vsevolod combines consulting activity (President of OKO Corporation "United Consultants") and business (Vice-President of JSC "Ukrainian Financial Group"). He was an adviser to the ministers of the Ministry of Regional Development and Trade of Ukraine; supervised international projects for the reform and development of housing and communal services.

 Co-author of books: '100 ideas for the President and the Government of Ukraine: Effective management of urban programs of innovative renovation of housing stock using construction information modelling' (2020);  Technical and economic aspects of real estate properties (2019); Financial management of projects and programs (2019); Construction information modelling in the life cycle cost management of objects (2018); Management of real estate: business processes and methods (2018); Management of public real estate (2017); Financing of regional development: strategies and methods (2015).


Expert in implementing LEAN-Technologies in companies


Experienced specialist in optimization of business processes in production and service companies. Certified Lean Practitioner (Lean Global Network certificate).


Trainer-consultant and lecturer. Olena helps companies reach a new level of production efficiency and profitability indicators using Lean technologies. She has successfully delivered projects in implementing Lean Technologies in logistics, industrial production, financial sector, production of consumer goods, food industry and many other.

Алена Грудненко2.jpg


Expert in international capital markets and currency systems


Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Ph.D (Economics).  

Author of more than 200 research works published in Ukraine and abroad including monographs (Monetary Globalization, 2020; Economic diplomacy: fundamentals, problems and prospects, 2020), books, articles and analytical reports.

Member of the Editorial Board of Scientific Journals. Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine (1992-1993). One of the founders of the National Depository of Ukraine, its Board Chairman (1999-2000). Oleksandr was the head of the International Department of the National Bank of Ukraine and built links and partnership  with foreign central banks and IFIs, in particular with the IMF.


Expert in banking, finance, investment, project management and FinTech

Ph. D (economics), lecturer. Studied at KNEU named by Hetyman and Kyiv National University named by T.Shevchenko. 

Coordinator of the projects of IFC - International Finance Corporation, Financial Institution Group (FIG) in Europe & Central Asia (ECA) in Microfinance, SME, Insurance, Capital Markets.

Studied at Bournemouth Business School International, UK, at Cass Business School, City University, London, UK on the program Banking and International Finance.

Coordinator of projects of investment department in UkrEximbank; Fintech projects in COMO.GLobal S.A., Luxembourg

Григорий Мироненко3.jpg


Expert in innovation approaches in banking educational programs 

Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, author more than 100 research publications in Ukraine and abroad, including monographs, research papers, analytical reports 

Member of Boards of several International scientific journals. 


Initiator and leader of the annual Intenational scientific conference "Development of the Banking System in Ukraine". 

Chairman of the jury of the All-Ukrainian tournament "Financial Literacy", under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, USAID and the NBU.

Organizer of innovative educational practices, introduction of new master's programs.


Expert in international business communication and innovative teaching approaches in English as a Business Lingua Franca

Ph.D in Language Education, Master in Linguistics, Certified International Business English Trainer (UK/Trinity College London), founder of International Business Communication (IBC) coaching, London, United Kingdom. The author of IBC coaching innovative methodology, coach in international business communication in English.


Yulia has a considerable experience in assisting her clients' successfully achieve their goals and aspirations in the field of business communication in global markets, taking into account intercultural peculiarities. The author and co-author of more than 30 publications, coursebooks and courses in the field of business and intercultural communication, language education, negotiation processes and public speaking. Speaker at international conferences (Italy, Scotland, England, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain), peer reviewer in journals of education, USA.



DEPUTY DIRECTOR of the INTENS INSTITUTE by Strategic Communications, expert in media and economic journalism

Experienced journalist in the field of economics and innovation development, the author of numerous publications in history of economics, finance, innovative development and  economic reforms in different  countries. Artem has a wealth of experience in editorial and managerial work on such TV channels and media resources as UT-3, "TET", "Gravis", STB and ICTV (1994-2001), "Interfax-Ukraine" (1995-1996). Together with Georgiy Gongadze was a co-founder of the news agency and analytical structure "Center for Journalistic Research" (1997-1998).


He was an active participant in the creation of STB TV channel, was a head of its information and analytical department. The author and host of one of the first programs of journalistic investigations in Ukraine  'Shadow Sector» (1998-1999, STB), co-author and co-producer of the series of documentaries "The Right to Choose". Manager and participant of numerous media projects.


Initiator and co-author of alternative 'Banking System Development Strategy 2016-2020: banks and high-tech industrialization adopted by Verkhovna Rada Committee of Ukraine in 2016.

Петренко Артем1.jpg


Expert in Investment and Innovation 


Entrepreneur in the field of attracting investments for the implementation of innovative projects.


Has an invaluable experience working in the banking system. Analyst and co-author of the alternative "Strategy for the development of banking system 2016-2020: synergy of banking activity and highly technological development of the economy"


Participates in the evaluation and attraction of investments to startups in Ukraine, administrator and the lead author of analytical reviews of Facebook group "Startup Ukraine"

Карасьов Олексій1.jpg


Expert in the field of innovation development


Strategic Adviser to IntelSoft Technologies Innovation IT Company, Mathematician, Analyst


The author of more than 40 research works. Has a Master’s Degree in  Mathematics, specialization 'Mathematical Economics'. Finished postgraduate studies in  'Mathematical Methods, Models and Information Technologies in Economics'.


Anna has a valuable experience in international projects and programs, in particular: Leadership 2019 – Open World Program; Legislators/Legislative Issues – Budgets for Social Safety Net Issues, 2016; internship at the British Parliament, 2016; in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, 2015-2016


Anna is a social activist, member of the Public Council of the Verkhovna Rada Committee of Ukraine on Social Policy and Protection of Veterans' Rights 2018-2020; expert in reform for  financial sector and pension system of the Economic Expert Platform 2018-2020. Member of the public organization the League of Interns 2016-2018.

Тулякова Анна2.jpg


Expert in ІТ and Network Infrastructure Engineering


Alexander is a highly skilled and qualified Network Infrastructure Engineer, with vast experience running busy financial trading and industrial 24x7 environments, solid network design, security implementation and management skills, extensive Linux and Microsoft technologies background. Fully competent and confident in design and implementation of solutions from technology leaders like Arista, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Exablaze/Cisco, Juniper, HP, Supermicro, Ciara, SolarFlare, Dell, Microsoft, Red Hat.


Alexander has an extensive experience providing IT services for innovative projects at leading financial and technological national and international companies in the UK. He has been working in London city for more than 10 years.

Alex2 IT London.jpg


Intern of INTENS institute in the field of international economics and FinTech


Master in International Economics, worked in international marketing positions.


Internship in FinTech business, internships in financial innovations, in particular participation in research of digital currencies of central banks (CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency)

Дмитро Вагін1.jpg


Expert in central banking, monetary policy, the cryptocurrency market and FinTech industry


PhD in Economics (Finance and Banking), Associate Professor.

The author of more than 130 research works published in Ukraine and abroad including textbooks, monographs, articles.

The author of the textbook "Central Bank and Monetary Policy".

Member of the editorial board of scientific journals.

Bogdan has worked for more than 20 years at Ternopil National Economic University (Associate Professor of Banking (2004-2019), Vice-Rector (2006-2013), Dean of the Faculty of Banking Business (2013-2019)).

Since 2020, he has been teaching finance and banking disciplines at the University of West London (the United Kingdom), researching the field of cryptocurrency market regulation at the Loughborough University (the United Kingdom).

B. Adamik.jpg


Expert in financial markets and assets management


Igor Voronin is the regional partner of the Swissquote Bank – Switzerland FinTech leading institution in online-banking listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange, which provides customers with direct access to more than 2.5 million financial instruments in world markets based on its innovation platform. The bank provides customers with the opportunity to work in the legal field with cryptocurrencies, to use artificial intelligence algorithms in asset management.

Professional experience in asset management is more than fifteen years in the financial sector, including experience in the state regulator of the financial services market, the National Bank of Ukraine, investment companies.

I. Voronin.jfif


Експерт у сфері макроекономіки, фінансів і моделювання економічних процесів

Професор департаменту бізнесу, Modern College of Business and Science, Маскат, Оман; кандидат економічних наук, автор більше 100 наукових публікацій та доповідей на міжнародних конференціях у сфері макроекономіки, міжнародних фінансів, моделювання економічного зростання.

Працювала директором Інституту міжнародних фінансів Університету економіки та права, Дніпро, Україна;     заступником завідувача кафедри фінансів та банківської справи цього університету; доцентом кафедри економетрії, Вища Школа Бізнесу – National Louse University, Новий Сонч, Польща. Участь у проектах «MBA. TEMPUS Joint European Project 2007-2009». Місце проведення: Georg-August-Universitat, Геттинген, Німеччина; дослідницьких семінарах Каліфорнійського університету, Девіс, США. Стипендіальна програма ім. Лайна Кіркланда польсько-американської комісії Фулбрайта.

Photo Oksana Chorna.jpg


Експерт з питань стратегічного управління та інновацій

Автор численних тренінгів і консультант-коуч керівників галузей, підприємств та топ-менеджменту фінансових структур у сфері менеджменту і лідерства, стратегії розвитку компаній, розбудови екосистем креативних індустрій. Реалізував більше 10 000 годин навчання керівників у форматі стратегічних сесій та фасілітацій, бізнес-сесій, бізнес-тренінгів, лекцій, семінарів і конференцій. 

Розробник методики реалізації Стратегій «Блакитного океану» для зростання конкурентоздатності компаній.

Співпраця з КГ «Business System Consulting Group», Німецькою школою бізнесу/ Доктор Карен Рихтер. Учасник освітніх програм: «Assessment-Center», «Управління департаментами продажів»; Loyola University/USA. Освітня програма: «Conflict Management/Mediation»; MSC International, Japan; «Strategic Human Resource Management/Development based on Balanced Score Card and Business Process Reengineering»; SAP Academy/QED Сonsulting. Освітня програма SAP SE: "SAPMeUp"; Академія для бізнес-архітекторів SAP SE; «The Art of Sales».

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